2020 COPHEX Goyang - Cosmetic·Pharmaceutical·Bio Process &Technology Exhibition

诚信软件红包群cophex is the biggest exhibition related to cosmetic, pharmaceutical, bio manufacturing, processing and technology in korea.

with the participation of overseas & domestic exhibitors with world leading pharmaceutical & bio & cosmetic manufacturing companies, cophex is great opportunity for you to initiate or expand market share in korea as well as asia-pacific region.


the business place where gather makers, suppliers, specialists in cosmetic·pharmaceutical·bio industries from all over the world!

the best opportunity for positioning your brand, promoting new products & technology and building new partnerships in the industry!

Why Choosing Chin Yi Pharmaceutical Machinery?

CHIN YI MACHINERY has been established in 1982 as an unique professional manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Packaging Machines诚信软件红包群 in Taiwan. We specialize in the development and production of various automatic or semi-automatic pharmaceutical machines to meet different demands.

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