Capsule Filling Machine

    Tablet Making Machine (Rotary Tabletting Machine)

  • High-Speed Rotary Tabletting Machine

    High-Speed Rotary Tabletting Machine

  • Double-Layer Rotary Tabletting Machine

  • High-Speed Single-Sided Rotary Tabletting Machine

  • Double-Sided Rotary Tabletting Machine

  • High -Speed Three -Layer Rotary Tabletting Machine

  • High - Speed Single - Sided Rotary Tabletting Machine

    Electronic Automatic Counting Machine

  • JB-22A Automatic Counting Machine

  • JB-12A Automatic Counting Machine

  • Electronic Counting Machine

    Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

  • LK-400B Full-Auto Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

  • LK-400C Full-Auto Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

  • LK-700 Semi-Automatic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

    Capping Machine

  • LK-780 Semil-Auto Capping Machine

    Cap Sealing Machine

  • Automatic Cap Sealing Machine

    Labeling Machine

  • Automatic Labeling Machine

    Blister Packaging Machine

  • 4 in 1 Blister Packaging Machine

  • 4 in 1 Blister Packaging Machine (Alu-Alu)

    Paper Folding Machine

    DE-282V Paper Folding Machine

  • DE-284V Paper Folding Machine

    Carting Machine

  • Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine

    Packaging Machine

  • Overwrapping Machine

  • Automatic L-Type Sealing Machine

  • Shrink Packaging Machine

    Liquid Filling Machine

  • Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

    Injection Pharmaceutical Machine

  • High Speed Ampoule Washing Machine

  • Programmable Vial Wahing Machine

  • Automatic Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

  • Automatic Vial Filling and Stoppering Machine

  • Automatic Vial Filling and Stoppering Machine

  • Automatic Vial capper

    Pharmaceutical Machine

    Emulsify Paste Products Series

  • SY-HME Vacuum Emulsify Mixer

  • SY-HMD Vacuum Dispersion Mixer

  • SY-KM Kneading Machine

    Tablet Products Series

  • SY-GM High Speed Mixing Granulating Machine

    Capsule Granulating Series

  • SY-BG Cylindrical Extruding Granulating Machine

  • SY-SM Centrifugal Spheroid Machine

  • SY-RM Rocking Mixer

    Rocking Products Series

  • SY-RBB Ribbonblender

  • SY-RBT Triplicity-Cone Mixer

  • SY-NM Nauta Mixer


  • SY-RBR Rotary Vacuum Drying Mixer

  • SY-VB Vacuum Cooker W/Mixer

  • SY-VO Alchemy Machine

  • Fully Automatic Washing Drying and Sterilizing Machine

  • Semi-Auto Washing Machine(Tray Type)

  • Semi-Auto Washing Machine(Rotray Type)

  • Drying Equipment

  • Sterilizer

  • High Speed Mixer/Granulator

  • Triple Thermostat & Constant Humidity Chamber

  • Temperature & Humidity Chamber

  • Rolling Biological Chamber

  • Pure Steam Generator

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